Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle was founded in 2000 by the clustering of three agencies, Ivory Wagner & Associates, Allston Insurance Agency and Edward F Haldeman and Associates. While Pinnacle began as a cluster, it’s founders soon saw the advantage of a single location and merger of staffs which took place in 2005. Our mission is to provide a broad range of insurance products that meet the varied needs of our customers. We offer our customer the strength of a larger staff with a friendly, professional staff dedicated to solving customer needs at a fair price.

Pinnacle Group is a great example of the benefits of clustering. In 2008 one of our founding members Jeff Wagner was diagnosed with cancer. Over the next year and a half Jeff underwent a series of treatments and surgeries which limited his ability to work and passed away in December of 2009. His affiliation with the cluster allowed the other members to step in and service his book during his illness. The cluster’s buy-sell agreement provided a smooth transition for his wife and his family during a very difficult time. The cluster became not only a life insurance policy for Jeff, but also a disability policy during his illness. As agents we help clients plan for unanticipated events, the cluster concept allows agency principles to plan for perpetuation.

Pinnacle Group, LLC
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